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Lust can be learned

Sexuality, lust and desire are beautiful, lively and powerful forces.

Do not give up and do not limit yourself, no matter what age you are.

For many people, sexuality is a delicate subject, filled with fear and shame, a taboo. In my work, I offer a safe space where people can learn to talk about possible abuses, fear or shame, to lose them little by little, and to experience more and more freedom and lust in their sexuality with their own bodies, in their partnership!

My name is Anke Fleßner, born 59, happily married (again and again), mother of an adult son and friends with wonderful people, my "family of choice".

I hold a graduate degree in education, trained in conversational psychotherapy and I am a nonmedical practitioner for psychotherapy. Advanced training in sex therapy, tantra, Gestalt, dance and body therapy. I am currently studying Systemic Sex Therapy at the IGST in Heidelberg.

Since 1989, I have been working with women and men on sexuality and lust.

Browse through my website to get more information about my work. I am looking forward to your call or your e-mail.

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