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Lust can be learned

Sexuality, lust and desire are beautiful, lively and powerful forces.

Do not give up and do not limit yourself, no matter what age you are.

What kind of problems can I talk to you about?
If you experience sexuality as painful (vaginismus, dispareunie), with the topics sexual fantasies, little, too much or no sexual desire, sexual abuse and their effects, inhibition and shame, insecurity in sexual contact, ignorance, compulsive behavior.

You are welcome to the workshops, even if you are just curious, or if you want to enjoy a wonderful weekend in a women's group. There are women with conflicts in partnership, sexual problems, lack of lust for life, with the topics contact, femininity, attractiveness. The courses are also for women who simply want to immerse themselves in a lusty women's community and atmosphere. For all women who want to experience (more) lust in their life.

Are there any offers for men?
You are most welcome to do individual work in case of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain, sexual desire disorders, sexual abuse, etc.

Is there a guarantee for me to experience an orgasm after the course?
Nobody can guarantee that, but the chances are good to very good that you can enjoy your orgasm ability. Not every woman has reached an orgasm at the end of the course, but EVERYONE knows how to reach it!

Will my health fund pay for the costs?
The personal consultation can be handed in to private health funds or to complementary insurances.

Can my partner accompany me?
To the individual sessions gladly and also to the couple workshop! All other group offers are for women only!

Do I have to take my cloth off?
There is no "must" here! Only a "can" - and it can intensify an exercise. You may decide to do some exercises, e.g. massages, without clothing. Your limits are important and will ALWAYS be respected!

Are older people in the courses?
In the courses are women and men of all ages ... from 18 - 70 or older. Sexuality and lust can always be a topic no matter how old you are! Especially for you, if you mthink, now with 50, 60, 70 ... it is too late anyway!!!

What methods are used?
The basis of my therapeutic work is the careful and loving cooperation. Open and trustful conversations, exercises of behavior therapy, breathing and relaxation techniques, massages, pelvic body training and pelvic exercises will help you on your way.

Do I have to do everything?
You decide for yourself how far you engage with the offered exercises.


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