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What former participants said ...

   Well, at the end of the course and afterwards I had a lot more lust for sex. Before that, I only wanted sex once a month or even every second month - and now, every two or three days, ... I feel like having sex. (M., 28 years)

   Very soon, as far as I remember after the 4th or 2nd session, I had an orgasm when I slept with my friend. This happened a couple of times afterwards and I realized that I am much more easy-going now... It is okay if I do not feel like having sex sometimes and it is also okay if I do not get an orgasm every once a while... (K., 35 years)

    For me, it was a revolutionary experience to realize that this is also a matter of technique...also, to repeat these exercises consequently, each day for half an hour or quarter of an hour... mainly the regular stimulation of the clitoris. Actually, I have had an orgasm rather soon - so that I thought, gee, was that such a big thing that I had to wait for it 30 years? (G., 44 years)

Well, I realize that a lot of things have changed inside of me, that I am more often prepared to take the initiative, more often prepared to have sex in general, and that I begin to enjoy sex... Regarding masturbation, I was ashamed of doing so... you have to talk about that a lot. It's very important and I think it was good for me that this was a group of women, to talk with other women about it and to do exercises, to learn new things about your own body. (P., 57 years)

   Yes, I liked the Kegel-exercises and also when we lay on the floor, slowly rolling with the pelvis. That was important. And the thing with the rhythm of breath - I still do that today and even during intercourse. And I realized that those exercises help a lot and make sex more fun. (S., 29 years)

… what impressed me is that there are vagina muscles which I did not even know about. I did not know them and I did not use them. This is when I began to learn more about myself, and to learn how to use those muscles and I was guided to experience an orgasm. I was very curious and I started trying it out, at first nothing happened, but now, yes, now I am doing it and it works well. I have had my first orgasm two days after the end of the course - and that was really something...
(G., 23 years)

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