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"There's no law against old women climbing trees"

Information Evening
Information on the subject "Lust and orgasm can be learned", a non-committal and free lecture in my practice. You can get to know the concept of sexualtherapeutic work and ask questions or just listen. No registration required! Dates you can find here

Individual sessions

In the individual sessions you have the possibility to create and deepen a positive development for your own sensual, sexual and erotic feelings.

Telephone consulting or internet-based consulting

After an initial consultation in my practice, it is possible to conduct the other sessions by phone or via Skype, especially if you live in another city.

Orgasm can be learned

In the protective atmosphere of a small group of women, we will deal with lustful body experience, effective masturbation techniques and relaxed orgasm triggers.

Lust can be learned I: Inhibitions and Lust

A weekend in the protective and permitting atmosphere of a women's group for the pleasure of enjoying and celebrating your body.

Lust can be learned II: The sexual woman

For all women who have already participated in "Lust can be learned I" and who want to dive deeper into their lustful and sexual power.

Yoni Massage
Sensual massage of your body and your intimate area for healing or discovering your lust or just for enjoying, letting go and accepting all feelings.
A weekend workshop for women only.

To be in love - again and again and again

A weekend for couples who want to have time for each other, for clarifying difficult topics, for the renewal and celebration of their love.